Reflections & Mental Refuse Split Tape

by Reflections - Mental Refuse

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Recorded in Bad Liebenwerda.
Vocals recorded and mastered by Dylan Mallia in Sydney.
Artwork by Broken.


released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Reflections Senftenberg, Germany

Reflections was founded in January 2012.

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Track Name: It Runs Deep
pictures replay inside my head
there are a thousand things I should have said
against this control, this severe threat


It's hidden behind each smile
the torture and anger of my endless fight
compassionate are my silent cries
from the fish at the sea to the birds UP IN THE SKY

is there a way to survive

(from) those miles of disgrace and my VISIONS OF DEATH

fear is everywhere. (my) demons are always there
from this jail in my head - I need to BREAK FREE

your pills suppress the truth
I've got that attitude
I will arise and never give up


there is a spirit deep inside
it's something you can't take away
it's the will to make change and

everyday IT RUNS DEEP man
Track Name: Nation On Fire
a positive change is my greatest desire
cuz all I see is a NATION ON FIRE
hate is all around me, no matter where I go
it's time to be that change
positive youth - let's go

politics have led to war
media has played their game
anxiety wrapped our all minds
and now...who's to blame?

I won't step in line and play your game
Learn and grow to BE THE CHANGE CHANGE

history is like a circle
it's steadily on repeat
we're possessed to possess
it's the abyss of insanity

I won't step in line and play your game
Learn and grow to BE THAT CHANGE

a nation is on rampage because of fear of truth and their self-made lies
poisoned by consumption and fed by ignorance
yes the real victim is yourself

on the streets there are friends and some people I know
that do fight in respect of all lives
no nations and no fucking borders
we look behind your lies
your selfishness can't be our demise

open your eyes and see the lies that have shattered your mind