Serve The Truth, Defy The Lie 7"

by Reflections

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released January 1, 2012

Recorded - D.I.Y. @ Practice Space Senftenberg, DE
Mixed & Mastered by Lew Noack @ JH Pegasus, DE

(c) Reflections 2012
marketed by Angry Voice Records



all rights reserved


Reflections Senftenberg, Germany

Reflections was founded in January 2012.

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Track Name: Today, Tomorrow, Forever
THREE WORDS that I’ve heard before
The years past and I still can’t ignore
What they meant to me from the start
Intrigued by their power - I took them to my heart
Rearrangement, it was you and me
The blamed the wrong and twisted the reality
What’s left from the start?
Where did we go and what had torn us apart?
What’s left, what’s left WHAT’S LEFT FROM REALITY
Our awareness changed the color, our voices spoke lunacy
When friendship turns into ill-will - into a brute rivalry
What happened to our desires?
To friendship, commitment and sincerity
We’ve lost it all at once by our egoistic apathy
I don’t know where we’re heading
I don’t know where we’ll go
Today, tomorrow, FOREVER
I can’t let go
Track Name: Sun-Trail
I’m walking Sun-Trail to his endless high
To relight my souls, to prepare to flight
He gives me power and energy to fight
To discern what’s wrong and right
To detoxify my body, to purify my soul
I hope it will suffice to reach my goal
My common sense will show me the way
That brings me back to the light of day
Track Name: Seed Of Individuality
Yeah we will fight to our own tracks, our own beliefs
We’ll create our own identity
SEED OF individuality
I fought so desperately to reach my own austerity
Independent is my mind
I’ll try to keep the distance from this wrathful kind
I feel like a dying tree that will never has a chance to see
The beauty that will bloom in the light of our moon
I still try to spread, but I can’t develop on concrete
It feels like eternity because I can’t escape society
Track Name: Break Free
We reached the point of no return
Here we are we have a lesson to learn
About our belief in our strength
The power beyond, the power within
First we have to fight within our mind
Then we can fight for vital times
There’re plenty reasons – reasons for my screams
I won`t back down again – all I want is to BREAK FREE
Push me from the edge of reality
Where all colors are fading and voices dying away
Where we ain’t no copy, though we are looking all the same
Push me in a dead end street, where my mind can’t grow
and my heart can’t beat
I’m looking forward to walk a better way
I try to understand the situation day by day
With each step – you’ll see
You’re closer than you think to break free
Track Name: Lasting Values
Our soul is led through different times
Troubled by illusions on our mind
Empty vision seem so fucking real
It’s part of our life, let’s spin the wheel
Just be aware, from underneath and above
Side by side, it’s a reaction of an ignorance unguided soul
Because ENVY is a killing motion that can’t sustain our consciousness - Like hate, it is killing you
Believe me because IT’S THE TRUTH
Pure truth is bounded by heart,
But simple words can tear us apart
Communication, man against man
Friend or foe, it’s in our hand
We need to break down the bridges
That we once fucking built
With stones of greed and hatred
Because our dreams remained unfilled
Revealed with reflections – TO KNOW YOURSELF
No vengeance for your mistakes
Learn to forgive and to forget
To live a life without regret
Compassion to all beings
Once you are loved – you won’t be hurt
Our bodies won’t last forever
But true service will be heard
Lasting values come from inside
Serve the truth – defy the lie
Track Name: Where We Stand
I won’t criticize, condemn and spite lies
I wholeheartedly believe in every human’s ability
Word for word this is our chance to say WHERE WE STAND
With our PMA and common sense, we all know where we
The plain truth is always on our heart
A straight line in our mind is playing a huge part
This is our time, though we live here today
We’ll try the best we can and we’ll know where we stand